Paul Swindale qualifies for 2016 Worlds in Chicago

Little Beaver was one of the qualifying events for the 2016 World Championships which will be held in Chicago.  Local athlete Paul Swindale, who is no stranger to the Little Beaver event, was there to have another go at this tough course.  After coming out of the water 3rd in age group, Paul emerged for the 800 metre” dash” back to transition in good shape before jumping on the bike for the 46k bike leg. Despite tussling with a couple of people racing in the same age group, the new plasma 5 took him back to transition in joint 2nd, having managed to catch and pass his closest competitor during the bike leg and with a quick transition the two competitors emerged neck and neck

Sadly, then comes the hard bit, with the individual in joint 2nd running away from Paul and him trying to hang on for a qualifying spot for the worlds in Chicago. Due to the run being Paul’s weaker discipline he crossed the line 6th in age group, 68th overall (out of a field of 434) however due to 2 people in front of Paul not looking to go to the worlds, he managed to secure one of the four automatic slots in the 45-49 age group.  Full results below.


Roll on Chicago & good luck to Paul.