2015 European Championships

Well done to the 7 strong Manx team that took part as GB Age Group athletes in the European Triathlon Championships in Geneva this last weekend.  Hot weather, but a great course around the beautiful setting of Lake Geneva.

Joseph Ricciardi was 1st to go in the Sprint distance event on Friday 10th July.  Joe had the worst of the heat as his race was at 11am.  The rest of the team raced the Standard distance event on Sunday, although the trade off for not racing in the mid-day heat was an initial Wave start time of 6.30 am!  (photo - Joseph exiting T1)









Results as follows (in Age Group order)

Joseph Ricciardi    8th overall (from 37)  2nd placed GB 1:07:37

Sam Brand             21st overall (from 40) 11th placed GB 2:06:35

Hannah Howitt      12th overall (from 24)  4th placed GB 2:23:19

Lynsey Elliott            7th overall (from 30) 4th placed GB 2:23:43

Wendy Sandford   22nd overall (from 30) 13th placed GB 2:44:14

Christine O'Shea    25th overall (from 30) 11th placed GB 2:48:20

Russ Collister           36th overall (from 88) 15th placed GB 2:21:51