A Grand Day Out in Liverpool

The IoM and Manx Tri Club were very well represented at Liverpool Triathlon, which was also the British National Championship Standard Distance event. 

Congratulations have to go to all 18 Manxies who took part, 10 guys and 6 girls in the Standard distance and 2 in the Sprint distance events.   The big question on the day was whether the aftermath of hurricane 'Bertha' would reach the NorthWest - the answer was YES!!  It was horrible (although it was actually the Elite Races in the afternoon that suffered the worst of the weather on this occasion, rather than the Age Groupers).

The bad weather didn't stop the Team posting some fantastic results and fortunately everyone on the team finished safely and without any incidents.  The full results can be found below, but here are a few of the headlines:

  • Andrew Nash who retained his form to finish in under 2 hours (1:59:50) - 7th in his Age Group and 17th overall (from 683)
  • Juan Kinely who won his Age Group in 2:08:02 to become British Age Group Champion 2014 and finished 79th overall
  • Sam Brand completing his 1st Standard Distance in 2:04:45, with a fantastic run split of 33:35
  • Karen Shimmin finishing 6th in her Age Group in 2:25:11
  • Hannah Howitt finishing 4th in her Age Group
  • Jospeh Ricciardi finishing 2nd in his Age Group in the Sprint race in 1:07:07 with the fastest bike split of the day (6th overall from 215)
  • Rebecca Storrie winning her Age Group and finishing 20th overall (from 215 inc men)

Of course, we can't just mention the racing as Bertha didn't really set in until later in the day -  the team and their 19 strong loyal support group then travelled home on the 5hr SeaCat journey in a Force 8!

Standard Distance                                                                        Sprint Distance

Andrew Nash        1:59:50   (7th in AG from 67)                          Joseph Ricciardi   1:07:07  (2nd in AG from 6)

Sam Brand             2:04:45  (9th in AG from 37)                           Rebecca Storrie   1:13:18  (1st in AG from 1)

Juan Kinley            2:08:02  (Gold Age Group Medal)

Russ Collister         2:13:12   (16th in AG from 77)

Nigel Quaye         2:13:32   (22nd in AG from 80)

Kirstian Cowin      2:14:04   (23rd in AG from 80)

Chris Crellin          2:14:38    (12th in AG from 70)

Mark Nash            2:18:44   (30th in AG from 67)

Karen Shimmin     2:25:11   (6th in AG from 14)

Hannah Howitt     2:30:26   (Bronze Age Group Medal)

Wendy Sandford  2:36:18  (8th in AG from 15)

Amber Carridge   2:41:06  (12th in AG from 14)

Frank Harrison       2:41:35  (49th in AG from 70)

Christine O'Shea   2:42:48   (10th in AG from 16)

Jessie Carridge        2:45:59   (13th in AG from 14)

Chris Mallon          2:50:04   (59th in AG from 77)