Ironman Barcelona

Jill Bunyan & Steve Kennaugh both took part in the inaugural Ironman Barcelona early in October.


After a 30 minute delay at the start due to torrential rain and a lightning storm, the swim got underway in somewhat choppy conditions, with the ladies starting shortly after the pros. The bike course was still partially flooded around the town of Calella and a mud slide had had to be quickly cleared off the course!


Jill had an excellent swim, exiting the sea in 1:10:50 to come 2nd in her age group, also beating some of the lady pros. An overall finish time of 12:51:27 gave her 13th in her age group.

Steve also had a great time for his first swim over this distance,  being only a couple of minutes behind, but struggled on the bike leg (he did not know at the time that he was a full blown Type I diabetic!)

Jill's splits were: Swim 1:10:50 , Bike 6:12:30 and Run 5:18:43, Finish 12:51:27.


Steve's splits were: Swim 1:12:57 , Bike 6:50:21 and Run 4:56:27, Finish 13:10:40.